Offer Received

Finally! I have my offer, so I should be able to look through all the material soon.



I interviewed for a healthcare assistant position last week, and they said that although I couldn’t have the advertised job due to being unavailable one day a week because of my MSc they think they’ll be able to find me a job on a different ward!


Next Year

So, I’ve spoken to the MSc coordinator, and he says that as soon as he receives confirmation of my 2:1 (i.e. my transcript) he’ll send me an unconditional offer! The transcript, though, is taking a ridiculously long time to get to me. As soon as I’m accepted (it feels like I’m tempting fate saying that) I’ll be able to see all of the lectures and powerpoints for the previous cohort on the MSc, so I can’t wait!

In order to fund the MSc, I need to do it part time over two years and get a job. Ideally it would be a Healthcare Assistant post, so I’ve applied for about 20 since Monday including one where the Trust puts you on a list of suitable candidates and then offers you a literacy and numeracy exam – I’ve just heard from this one and been invited to sit the exam. I’ve not heard back from any of the others, but to get past the first stage of selection for the first job you applied for is pretty promising.

Whooah, We’re Halfway There

So, I got my degree classification today and it’s a 2:1! I managed it! I don’t know the breakdown yet, but I managed to average 71 in coursework before my end of year exams. PHEW!




I finally got my application in for my MSc the day on Tuesday, so now I wait. I’m fairly hopeful because I have the two references required, and the 2:1 required.

That is a massive relief.

Oh, I had my HIV/hepatitis test back after I got blood in my eye. I passed it. Thankfully I’m clear 🙂

In terms of shifts I’ve had since January, there’ve been no major incidents (for me at least! Two of my colleagues had a very tricky shift a few weeks ago). I did an all night rave about a month ago and there wasn’t as much action as I’d hoped, we did send a couple to hospital though…one of whom was a code brown.

I’ll let you know when I hear about my MSc!