Whooah, We’re Halfway There

So, I got my degree classification today and it’s a 2:1! I managed it! I don’t know the breakdown yet, but I managed to average 71 in coursework before my end of year exams. PHEW!




I finally got my application in for my MSc the day on Tuesday, so now I wait. I’m fairly hopeful because I have the two references required, and the 2:1 required.

That is a massive relief.

Oh, I had my HIV/hepatitis test back after I got blood in my eye. I passed it. Thankfully I’m clear 🙂

In terms of shifts I’ve had since January, there’ve been no major incidents (for me at least! Two of my colleagues had a very tricky shift a few weeks ago). I did an all night rave about a month ago and there wasn’t as much action as I’d hoped, we did send a couple to hospital though…one of whom was a code brown.

I’ll let you know when I hear about my MSc!






Last week of term!

Interesting term thus far.

The actual hour by hour plan hasn’t really been stuck to so far, but that’s only to be expected I guess. However, my two pieces of coursework submitted so far this year have received a 70 and a 75 which I’m very happy with…achieving a c.64/5 this year is seeming more and more likely!

Work is fun. I had a shift last week where a young woman was in a mosh pit and fainted, she had been standing among a lot of (weed) smokers which was probably the reason for spO2 of 88. I told the trainee paramedic with me this girl’s sats, and she (the trainee para) screamed them back at me with a worried face. You do not do this. Cue aggravated patient and worried 20 questions from patient’s drunk friends. Patient’s spO2 returned to normal within 5 minutes.

A couple of weeks ago I was working on a Friday and then a Saturday. On the Friday I had a guy who drank a whole bottle of cognac and his spO2 dropped to 74, very stupid thing to do, so I had to call an ambulance out, and that was fine. Also, side point, got the oxygen out, to be face with this:
ImageThe following night, I was at a different venue and was called out to a homeless man outside the front, I got to him and he said ‘I have chest pain and had a heart attack in January’, whether this was the case or he wanted a bed on a cold November night, who am I to say… 😉 Whatever though, I had to call an ambulance as he had the magic chest pain symptoms, the ambulance arrived and it was the same paramedics…I really hope there isn’t a 999 blacklist!


Choir’s Christmas concert is this week, and is only minorly stressful – should be fantastic!

Otherwise, I’ve received my two (surprisingly very) good references for my MSc, just need to write my personal statement now.

So, a good term I think.



I’ve had my dissertation title approved! I’m hoping it’ll appeal to the Neuroscience MSc admissions tutor. This is what it’s on:

(1) Is there any reason (from neuroscience?) to think that the actions we think of as voluntary, intentional, or otherwise ‘up to us’, are in fact not?
(2) If the answer to (1) is yes, then how would that affect our assessment of agents’ moral responsibility in action?
I.e. are we in control? Interesting, right? There’s a lot of crossover with Neuroscience! Should be a fascinating year. Nerdy, I know
Plusplusplus I’ve realised I only need 64 this year to get a 2:1!
Nighty night!