Modafinil: to take or not to take?

I’ve known about modafinil for years, and I’m wondering if now is the time to experiment with it.

I really want to get into medical school, and now modafinil appears safe, at least in the short term (, but is it completely unethical and possible unreliable practice for a time pressured exam?


It’s all getting a bit real

I’ve just got home from a UKCAT course and everything is creeping up on me a bit!

My exam is in under six weeks now, and that’s pretty terrifying, but what’s even more terrifying is that I’ve changed tack a bit; instead of doing three UKCAT grad courses and one undergrad course, a friend has convinced me to do the GAMSAT as well :O; I’ll be applying to two UKCAT and two GAMSAT courses. As someone who doesn’t have a very sciencey background it will require a lot of work, but my eyes have been opened to how many more opportunities you have with the GAMSAT.

So, the new list is Warwick, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Swansea. Not applying to the KCL grad course seems like a sensible idea because it’s so ridiculously competitive, so so so competitive. And not applying for a five year course makes more sense as well; who has £36k lying around?!

Of course only time will tell, but I found that UKCAT course really useful today. I now have a systematic approach and the tools to get a high score. How the test goes on the day is a very different matter.

Exciting News!

So, alongside my MSc I will be working as a Healthcare Assistant at a paediatric a&e! I’m very excited and I can’t wait to start, but the paperwork is taking ages.

This job is great for numerous reasons. I’ll actually really enjoy this job rather than just counting down the days before I apply for medicine. I think, though, it will be very challenging when there are big-sick kids…I’ll let you know how I deal it when there are emotionally demanding days.

When it comes to hca jobs, most involve tasks like looking after elderly toileting but with paeds a&e often the parents will be around to help out with that; similarly horrible things like pressure sores won’t be an issue because of the fast turnaround of patients.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Offer Received

Finally! I have my offer, so I should be able to look through all the material soon.



I interviewed for a healthcare assistant position last week, and they said that although I couldn’t have the advertised job due to being unavailable one day a week because of my MSc they think they’ll be able to find me a job on a different ward!

Next Year

So, I’ve spoken to the MSc coordinator, and he says that as soon as he receives confirmation of my 2:1 (i.e. my transcript) he’ll send me an unconditional offer! The transcript, though, is taking a ridiculously long time to get to me. As soon as I’m accepted (it feels like I’m tempting fate saying that) I’ll be able to see all of the lectures and powerpoints for the previous cohort on the MSc, so I can’t wait!

In order to fund the MSc, I need to do it part time over two years and get a job. Ideally it would be a Healthcare Assistant post, so I’ve applied for about 20 since Monday including one where the Trust puts you on a list of suitable candidates and then offers you a literacy and numeracy exam – I’ve just heard from this one and been invited to sit the exam. I’ve not heard back from any of the others, but to get past the first stage of selection for the first job you applied for is pretty promising.