Whooah, We’re Halfway There

So, I got my degree classification today and it’s a 2:1! I managed it! I don’t know the breakdown yet, but I managed to average 71 in coursework before my end of year exams. PHEW!




I finally got my application in for my MSc the day on Tuesday, so now I wait. I’m fairly hopeful because I have the two references required, and the 2:1 required.

That is a massive relief.

Oh, I had my HIV/hepatitis test back after I got blood in my eye. I passed it. Thankfully I’m clear 🙂

In terms of shifts I’ve had since January, there’ve been no major incidents (for me at least! Two of my colleagues had a very tricky shift a few weeks ago). I did an all night rave about a month ago and there wasn’t as much action as I’d hoped, we did send a couple to hospital though…one of whom was a code brown.

I’ll let you know when I hear about my MSc!






Term properly underway, now it get serious

I’m sitting in the first aid room six hours into a ten hour shift, nice and quiet thus far…one wasp sting…exciting stuff.

I’ve had my first few weeks of lectures – not missed one yet! Pretty interesting stuff, and I’m doing okay academically, but I need to stick to The Plan bit better.  May as well go ahead and say I’m studying philosophy…there are a good few thousand philosophy students in this country! Philosophy of language is veerrryyy hard to get your head round; Frege’s puzzle and the metalinguistic solution anybody? First coursework is due in 15 days, and it’s on Frege.

In other news, I had that meeting with the Neuroscience MSc coordinator. I think it was generally positive, but he wasn’t too thrilled with my results last year…I’m hoping that I’ll receive an offer conditional on a 2:1 which is very doable. When I asked him what I’d need to get in, he said a 2:1 and two good references, and I think I can do that. My big problem at the moment is my personal statement, I’m first drafting it at the moment and the content has to be so concentrated and drivel-free that it’s tricky to fill it up. Advice is welcome 😉

Choir is going pretty well, if you listen out next year, you may hear us on Radio 4…AND my money for directing it should arrive at some point!

I have my SJA advanced course next month! Which if I pass will qualify me to use Entonox (nos/nitrous oxide/laughing gas) and oxygen and that could be hilariously fun.  On the subject of SJA training…I’ll be leading training for 60 freshers in CPR this week which is a little bit terrifying.

Also considering applying for an HCA post one day a week…it’s a lot of effort, but if I get it there’s bank work


Fun fact for the day #3 For severely overweight patients, apparently, hospital have to use scanners from the zoo