The Tension Is Killing Me! (+ my Gamsat results)

I’ve had one interview, at Durham 6 weeks ago(!), and the wait to find out is interminable! Durham will most likely be my only interview, as I’ve now been rejected from Warwick and Notts grad schemes without interview, and I’m still waiting to hear back from Glasgow (but everyone who was going to get an interview seems to have already had it).

Durham have said that they won’t give out any offers or rejections before everyone is interviewed, and the interviews won’t be completed until the end of February, so you can probably understand how stressful that ~3 month wait is. Gaah. I don’t even think I’ve got a particularly good chance of getting in, but the wait is just so long.

If you average over 60 in the Gamsat, then the Nottingham graduate programme automatically give you an interview, here’s my result:


So (64+75+48)/3 = 62.3! Success, you might think. But no, there is an individual section cut off of 50, so even with my top 1% score in Section II I wasn’t offered an interview 😦 I’m not saying this isn’t fair, because it is, we’re told about the individual section cut off before we apply. But to miss out on an interview by two marks is pretty disappointing.

My foray into graduate medicine application has ultimately been unsuccessful, but at least it was not a complete disaster – I’ve already explained how close I was with the Gamsat, and I got through Warwick’s ‘first stage’ of selection, even with my relatively low UKCAT score.

The next 18 months of my life, and possibly the next 5 anda half years will be dictated by Durham’s decision. I’ll let you know when I know! No-hoper


6 thoughts on “The Tension Is Killing Me! (+ my Gamsat results)

  1. I just want it to be over now! That’s the thing, with two more points in Section III it would have been a pretty good gamsat, but no one will accept less than 50 in a section :/

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