So, Durham

I’m a little reluctant to write a post on my Durham interview for two reasons.

Firstly, you’re not really supposed to talk about the interview process, the interviews will still be ongoing and I don’t want to disadvantage any who have already had an interview, and I don’t want to be automatically rejected!

Secondly, it didn’t go as perfectly as I’d  envisioned. As anyone can see on Durham’s website there are four different MMI components; I felt that two went okay, one went less well and one was an absolute shocker. Ordinarily I’d feel that I didn’t have a chance, but Durham will make around 190 offers from the 270 interviews, so I rate my chances at 50:50.

The appallingly bad station was also the one found hardest by everyone else I asked, and this is some comfort. But as I was leaving the station I realised I’d left something I thought the next student would need, so I turned back to get it and noticed a 1/5 on my scoresheet 😦

I’ll let you know what happens in March!


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