Calamity averted

As you’ll see from a previous post I realised I’d forgotten my suit on the way to my Durham interview…This led to an interesting scramble the next morning before my early afternoon interview.

I was staying at the Metro Inn just outside of Stockton, it was really cheap, but so so scummy. Apparently up until a couple of years before it had been used regularly by prostitutes and their clients. To be fair though I got a decent night’s sleep and woke at 8 the next morning to get a £5 taxi into Stockton for breakfast and a new suit at their M&S.

I had my breakfast and meandered into the M&S and spent a good ten minutes looking for suits, only to eventually discover that, to my horror, this, the only possibly suit selling shop in town, didn’t sell suits!

I had to call the taxi firm for the third time in 12 hours and ask for a car to the out of town retail estate, which thankfully had a massive M&S and plenty of (expensive !) suits in my size. Half an hour later I was suited and booted and somehow arrived for my interview, with yet another taxi, an hour early 🙂


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