UKCAT Deciles

Today the UKCAT deciles were released and while I know I’m not going to make the grad courses, it’s given me a lot of hope for the 5 year ones 🙂

My 687.5 is apparently in the top 20%! So, I now think I might make an interview at Durham, but we’ll see!

An interview at Durham would actually be preferable compared to Glasgow. An offer from Glasgow would be contingent on me completing my MSc possibly at a high grade, whereas Durham would most likely be an unconditional offer as I already have a 2:1!


3 thoughts on “UKCAT Deciles

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ve not given up hope with the 4 year courses, but Warwick’s UKCAT requirement hasn’t been below 700 in years :/…it’s possible I’ve fluked an okay gamsat though…If I get a 50 at the science I think I’ll have a chance with the other two sections xx

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