Hannah and her mum

Hannah had had a good day and was driving home with a smile on her face. Today she’d finalised the most time consuming contract of her fledgling legal career. She was planning her celebratory evening in her head when she felt her pocket vibrate, she looked down at her boyfriend’s text. This is where Hannah’s story ends.

About 90 minutes later Hannah’s mum walked into the hospital reception desperate for information. She’d raced to A&E after she’d received the call.

‘Hello, Mrs Green? I’m calling from the hospital, your daughter’s been involved in an accident and she’s had to be airlifted in. Please come as soon as you can.’

When she went to the reception desk, not wanting to be rude, she waited her turn. When she told the receptionist her story, his world weary expression softened and he walked her to the relatives’ room. After what seemed like an eternity there was a knock at the door and a little Indian man walked in. Mr Patel took the seat next to Mrs Green and began to talk, ‘Mrs Green, your daughter suffered extensive brain injuries and is very unwell, she’s going up to intensive care now, but I must warn you that she’s unlikely to wake up.’

Hannah’s mum’s face crumpled.

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