Blood In My Eye

Just finished a first aid shift working at a club and toward the end of the night a guy came out who’d been headbutted. Blood loss wasn’t huge, but he was disorientated – treated him and he was fine, sent him to hospital for stitches. When he first came to me though he was very distressed and kept ruffling his hair…it had the effect of a dog shaking itself after a bath… And I got blood in my eyes and mouth. I don’t know if I should be worried, I sent my employer a text asking what to do, and, it being the middle of the night, he hasn’t yet replied. I don’t feel particularly worried, but I feel I perhaps should. Any advice welcome. No-hoper


4 thoughts on “Blood In My Eye

  1. Update. Just got to bed after coming across an RTC en route home. Second on scene after a passing nurse. Tricky junction, and truck hit car hit woman. Woman bullseyed the windscreen of the car and had head injuries, but was conscious, and query spinal injury. I immobilised the c-spine until the paramedics arrived. A full night’s work.

  2. In my part of the world you both go to the A&E & a sample of your blood is send for analysis(HBV, HIV..).Early recognition is a key for better outcome.

    I really hope he has no such infections

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